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Fernanda Valdera

Fernanda is our receptionist who will take care of scheduling your loved ones health care needs. She has been in the field for over 2 years and started at a daycare facility taking care of the animals. In her 2nd year she took a position as a vet assistant/receptionist for a Cat practice. Fernanda has 2 feline friends, Milo & Dexter. Milo was adopted from the SPCA, he was left behind as a kitten. Dexter was saved by her father from getting hit by a car. They had spotted him in a busy intersection.  "He was so afraid I just had to bring him home to give him love and be a companion for Milo. They are both so lovable and I'm happy to have them by my side." When Fenanda was asked what is her favorite part/aspect of working in the vet field, she replied, "Aside from being a massive animal lover it feels good knowing I'm  helping to take care of other people's pets as if they're my own pets and being part of a veterinary team that shares the same adoration for animals."